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Doubloons  Reward Program

100 Doubloons = $1

Doubloons frequently asked questions:

Q – How do I earn Doubloons?
A – By making a Purchase at Armada Vapour you will earn 10 Doubloons for every dollar spent (This does not include shipping). Make an order worth $50, and earn 500 Doubloons!

Q – Cool, where do I see how many Doubloons I have?
A –
On Desktop/Laptop: You should see a My Account button at the top of the page after logging in. You should see Doubloons as one of the options. Click in there to view your balance!
On Mobile: At the top of the page you should see a silhouette of person next to the basket. Click that (Login if you have to).
You should see “Doubloons” as one of the tabs in My Account.  You should see Doubloons as one of the options. Click in there to view your balance!

Q – Oh no! I don’t have an account but have been making purchases! Have all my Doubloons now been voided into Davey Jones Locker?! Never to be seen again…..

A – We’re proud that you would use such wonderful terminology! Any points you would have earned in the past three months have not disappeared. Just create an account with the email address you have used to place previous orders and your points will be retroactively applied to your account, couldn’t be simpler.
If you are having issues with this process, do not hesitate to send us an email at and we will get you sorted!

Q – Do I have to spend a minimum amount of Doubloons?
A – No, there is no minimum amount of Doubloons you have to spend.

Q – What is the max limit to the amount I can spend in one go?
A – The limit of you can spend on one transaction is 2,000 Doubloons.

Q – What is the minimum amount I need in my cart in order to spend Doubloons?
A – Doubloons are redeemable on orders above $40

Q – Will my Doubloon Booty expire?
A – Yes. Hoarding Doubloons is not recommended. Leaving all your Doubloons in your chest can have disastrous consequences! In this case, the consequences kick in after 3 months. Any Doubloons earnt and not spent within 3 months will expire.

Q – How do Doubloons affect your free shipping tier?
A – It is possible for your Doubloon redemption to bring your total cart value under $40, disabling our free shipping option. Our $40 free shipping tier only applies to the total value of the cart after discounts apply. However, if after claiming your discount and your cart total is still above $40, you will still get our free shipping offer!

Q – How do I redeem my Doubloons?
A – There are 2 places that you can redeem your Doubloons. Either in the Cart page, or on the Checkout Page.
You will see a box stating that you have Doubloons that you can use for a discount. Just click the “Apply Doubloons“, and enter in the amount of Doubloons you would like to use.

Q –  I followed your previous answer but do not see a way to redeem my Doubloons!
A – You can only claim Doubloons on orders $40 or more. If you do have a cart with a total value above $40 and still can’t see how to apply your Doubloons, please email and we will get you sorted!

Doubloon Terms & Conditions

Now, time for the not so fun stuff.

Doubloons we reward to you are not a contractual obligation. Nothing has been signed between us. We hope that we can continue offering them as long as we are around. However, circumstances do happen. In the case that the worst happens and we have to stop offering them, we are not obligated to pay you for any outstanding Doubloons that you might have. Of course, we don’t have plans to stop offering them. If we do have to withdraw our Doubloon program, we will try our best to give you a 1 week warning  to use up your remaining Doubloons, unless it is out of our hands.

Armada Vapour LTD grants Doubloons as a way to say thank you for being loyal with us. We are not a big company, and being able to give back to those that support us makes us happy, and we hope you’re happy with what we can offer.